With the cold will be finished forever

From the common cold could be eliminated in the near future thanks to the revolutionary discoveries of scientists. They were able to determine exactly how our immune system reacts to a virus. Experts believe that the pills or powders for cold may be on the market in 10 years. These drugs will not cure the symptoms, like all modern facilities, and the causes of the disease, which will save millions of people from coughing, runny nose, “Broken” and other unpleasant effects of colds and stomach pains caused by Noroviruses. ?Each year million people have become victims of a cold. Although this disease is somehow considered to be not very serious, there is no effective treatment against the common cold does not exist. Traditionally, patients are advised to stay indoors and drink plenty of fluids. Despite the unprecedented medical advances in recent decades, scientists have been unable to come up with medicines for colds and Noroviruses. Employees Medical Research Center at Cambridge University was able to obtain new data about how the human immune system is struggling with these illnesses. Previously it was assumed that antibodies track viruses attacking them outside of cells, not allowing penetrating. But recent studies have shown that antibodies can penetrate into the cells, acting in the same way as viruses. Once inside, the antibody runs a chain of reactions leading to the fact that the protein TRIM21 ejects the virus from the cells. Normally, this protein appears to light very quickly, even before the virus manages to damage the cell. Scientists were able to create drugs that significantly increase the level of TRIM21.Under laboratory conditions; they stopped viruses, such as those that cause colds. This was reported in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. ?Although studies are still at an early stage, scientists believe that new antiviral drugs against the common cold may begin to be tested on humans within two to three years.

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